Parent References 1
We know that choosing a daycare for your child is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent. Being away
pleased with the care our children receive at Kiddie Shack Daycare. It is a very organized establishment, always very clean and
day. They enjoy their time with friends and learning new things during "school time". Whenever there is a break, they are always
excited to go back. Sabrina has been very accommodating with us in regards to our daughters allergies and we can trust she is
safe while at daycare. We are happy to recommend Kiddie Shack Daycare to prospective parents.
~Gary & Kristen H.

I was very skeptical about having our daughter 9 month olds attend a daycare, so when a friend referred us to Kiddie Shack
Daycare I had to meet Sabrina. From our meet and greet I could tell the children were more than just a client to her and her
enthusiasm is over the roof (I mean that in a good way LOL). Her home is very clean and organized, including the kid's room.
She is great at communicating whether it's through text, email, or in person, and if there are any concerns with our daughter
she lets us know. Our daughter has been with Sabrina for over 4 months and I can tell she loves it there and she doesn't throw
a fit when I drop her off (she's very attached to me). She also has a curriculum for the kids which gave us a peace of mind
knowing that our daughter would be learning as well. I would highly recommend Kiddie Shack to everyone!
~Adriana & Jesus A.

Sabrina is not just a lovely women who takes care of my children om a day-to-day basis, but she is family. My son started at
Kiddie Shack Daycare when he was 10 weeks old in 2009. He stayed at Kiddie Shack until he started Kindergarten and he was
more than prepared. Sabrina had him on a curriculum and built a relationship with my son that encouraged his development in
a loving environment. My daughter attends Kiddie Shack Daycare now and she has also been there from a young age. She is
also thriving and loves Sabrina as well as the other kids she attends with. The positive environment of Kiddie Shack has built an
extended family for all of the children for whom she provides care and their families. I plan on keeping my daughter with Sabrina
through this last year before my daughter starts Kindergarten. I am confident that she will prepare her for Kinder just as well if
not better than the area preschool. I encourage anyone who is looking for daycare for his or her children to consider Kiddie
Shack Daycare. The family environment as well as the interaction with children of all ages has positively impacted the
development of both of my children.
~Jenni & Tyler M.

Our son started at Kiddie Shack Daycare with Mrs. Beep Beep when he was 14 weeks old. When we were looking for a daycare
we wanted to find a place where there would be a balance between playtime and structured learning and where we knew he
would be getting lots of attention and love. As a new mom, I went through a range of emotions prior to dropping him off on his
first day, but as soon as I saw how comfortable and happy he was with Sabrina I knew I had nothing to worry about. Kiddie
Shack Daycare has given Isaiah a great opportunity to interact with and learn from the older kids and we love all the craft
projects and classroom activities he gets to participate in. Sabrina has been invaluable to us as a resource for sleep advice,
feeding advice, and so much more – she knows her stuff! We feel so lucky to have found Kiddie Shack Daycare and cannot
recommend it highly enough!
~Jessie & Jeremy O.

Our son has been with Sabrina at the Kiddie Shack Daycare since he was 3 months old. Now, he is 13 months and couldn’t be
more in love with her! Every time I pick him up he is hugging all over her and smiling from ear to ear. He even cries sometimes
when he has to leave! Mrs. Beep Beep (Sabrina) provides a fun and loving environment as well as educational. Every day is full
of activities that are stimulating and entertaining. It’s no wonder he loves being there so much! We, as parents, couldn’t love
Kiddie Shack Daycare more either! Not only are we so thankful for the bond that has formed between our son and Sabrina, but
also for the bond that has formed between all of us. In this past year, Sabrina has helped us out in so many ways. As first-time
parents, it is so nice to have an experienced caregiver giving us suggestions and advice on anything from diaper rashes to food
allergies. You can really tell how much she cares about the families by how she communicates with you and all that she does for
you. We would recommend Kiddie Shack Daycare to any parents who are looking for a loving, kind and caring environment that
you can be rest assured your kid is being well taken care of in. Sabrina really does go above and beyond to make her daycare
like a second home for your child.
~Braedyn & Meagan S.

Our family added a new addition, and we had the dilemma of finding an in home provider. We did not want a daycare facility,
and wanted someone we could entrust our child with every day, be in a home environment and not worry that he wasn’t getting
the attention he needed. We did our research, and finally found Kiddie Shack Daycare. We met with Sabrina, and observed that
she was genuine, calm, and a had a pleasant demeanor. This is so important to work with children. We wanted our child to
come to Kiddie Shack Daycare. Sabrina will inform us when she notices something we need to know, keeps all the parents
informed of all important news, issues, which is very helpful.  Sabrina told us on our first visit with her, if we read the handbook
with the policies, it will answer all our questions, and she is correct.  Sabrina has everything explained in the handbook. We are
truly happy with our choice of Kiddie Shack Daycare. We can go to work and be assured that our little one is being well taken
care of. Sabrina provides learning programs every day and provides the foundation for our child to be a caring, mindful,
disciplined, and happy little person.
~Dennis & Debra W.